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                        -If youre asking-


If your asking if I need you The answer is forever.


If your asking if ill leave you The answer is never.


If your asking what I value The answer is you.


If your asking if I love you The answer is I do.



Love is a strong magic that drifts you away.


A mysterious touch that tells you to stay.


Love is a target that aims like a dart.


Picks a good soul to give it a start.


Love is a book that can read your mind.


Or a long lost love you may never find


Love will forever be a door without a key


You can never






One day your ganing to ask me


what do I value more you or my life


I will and I will say my life.


You will walk away crying


Never  knowing that you are my life.




-Best friends-


A best friend is someone,


Who is always there,


Someone to talk to


Someone to care


Someone to laugh with


Or wipe away the tears


Someone warm and cuddly


Someone to share


Someone in fact


Who is just like a bear.



I loved it when you held me

I loved it when you sang

I loved the way you looked at me

How youd say you were my man

I loved the way you would always say

When we grow old I you will be my wife

And that you would always love me

For the rest of your life

I loved the pet manes you gave me

A different one for every night

The wat you would talk for hours

And when I had to go youd sing

A lullabuy goodnight

Now we are apart

I cant help but wonder why

Why you would go through all that

If you never loved me

with all your heart





Youre my friend till the day I die The day I lose you is the day ill cry you are the angel that was sent to me and will be in my heart always cuz u mean the world to me.







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